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*1 flavor choice per 6 cupcakes*

*Max of 3 flavor choices per order*

Mini Trays: 1 Flavor Choice per 12 minis

Monograms: 2 Flavor Choices

Regular Cupcakes (starting at $5.00 each)

Box of 6 starting at...$30.00

Box of 12 starting at...$60.00

Mini Cupcakes ($2.50 each)

Tray of 12 starting at...$30.00


(16 inches tall, holds approximately 11-18 cupcakes) starting at...$150.00

*Add-ons such as flowers, butterflies, extra colors, fondant toppers, acrylic disc charms, acrylic nameplates etc. WILL result in an up-charge!*

Cupcake Flavors Menu

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